The Problem with Florida Homes – Boiler Heats Pool

I knew schools, hotels, and other large buildings had boilers.  But, I never realized homes could have them too.  I guess I just never had the need to know.  That is until I purchased a large home in South Florida with a pool.  I learned that with a boiler, I could hook it to my pool to heat it in the winter time.  While it really doesn’t get that cold in Florida, it does get too cold to swim in the winter.  At least to me it does.  So, I set about to find out more.  As it turns out, practically any type of boiler can heat your pool – indoor, oil-fired or natural gas.  I decided a boiler was a good move for heating the pool and also to heat the water inside my home. I scouted around to find out who installed boilers and was amazed to find out that some swimming pool companies do.  I visited one of the websites and set up a time for them to come out and give me a free estimate.  Once again, I was shocked.  The price was about half of what I expected.  I jumped on it and just a few weeks later, I had a boiler heating all the water in my new home and my pool as well.  Boilers are a great method for heating water because they are energy efficient and they don’t need a lot of repairs. It is vital to keep them maintained but the pool company set up regularly scheduled times to check the boiler for any repairs or replacements it might need so I am sure it’s always in tip-top shape.  If you’ve not check out the possibility of a boiler, you might want to.  I’m sure glad I did.