Blue Dune Books is an online self-publishing venture for the novels of Nick Tebble. Available as ebooks in PDF and Palm Doc format, their common theme is Modern Man in Search of a Soul.


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book cover for the ebooks fiction novel Song of Psi

Summary of "The song of psi"

Set in the visional deserts of Sinai and Judaea, this tale of idealism and betrayal has at its heart the Song of Psi, a philosophical creed of ancient myth and modern physics.
When Hal Burns, a jaded intelligence agent working for the World Government Corporation, is sent to the Sinai to track down and terminate a terrorist group known as ‘the Psi Gang’, little can he suspect that he is about to become their next victim. During a desert exercise he falls into a coma, only to wake up in Qumran, a Utopian community on the Dead Sea shore. Here he meets Isis, a young soulsalvager who has answered his own psychic distress call, and who is to introduce him to the Song of Psi. But while Hal is beguiled by the Song in the story of ‘Pandora and the Prince of Psi: A Quantum Quest’, Isis learns of another book, ‘A Quantum Faust’, whose long suppressed secret could destroy the creed’s very foundations. As they set off into the desert for his initiation into the Mysteries of Psi - Hal sensing the promise of immortality, Isis, the threat of disillusion - both are torn between duty and desire, a moral dilemma whose apocalyptic resolution will leave rebirth, renunciation and murder in its wake…

"A work of great vision."
Sheila Holligon, Author of Nightrider (published by Penguin)


Blue Dune Books features three novels by Nick Tebble. They are available as ebooks or, if you cannot access them as e-books, you can print them. Common to all the fiction is a 'book in the book' in which figures from mythology, philosophy, science and mysticism appear. In The Song of Psi, for example, you will find Nietzsche and Spinoza.