Blue Dune Books is an online self-publishing venture for the novels of Nick Tebble. Available as ebooks in PDF and Palm Doc format, their common theme is Modern Man in Search of a Soul.


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book cover for the ebooks fiction novel Pillars of Cloud and Fire

Summary of "The Pillars of Cloud and Fire"

The Pillars of Cloud and Fire portrays the madness of obsession through the biography of a man called Alistair. Having recently collected his body from the foot of Mount Everest, and with his ashes now beside him on a hotel terrace in Jerusalem, Alistair’s last remaining friend tries to make sense of his life. All the time he is in sight of the Judaean desert, where Alistair’s lonely journey began, and where it will end. It is a book informed by the haunting music of Brian Wilson and the mystic Game of Love, whose principle of alternating states of divine infusion and abandonment traces the spiral path that will lead to Alistair's death, a death, nevertheless, in which the friend sees the triumph of Inspiration over the banal tedium of his own conventional life.

"Deals with questions of time regained, meaning and the infinite."
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Blue Dune Books features three novels by Nick Tebble. They are available as ebooks or, if you cannot access them as e-books, you can print them. Common to all the fiction is a 'book in the book' in which figures from mythology, philosophy, science and mysticism appear. In The Pillars of Cloud and Fire, for example, you will find Marcel Proust and Reinhold Messner.