Blue Dune Books is an online self-publishing venture for the novels of Nick Tebble. Available as ebooks in PDF and Palm Doc format, their common theme is Modern Man in Search of a Soul.


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Summary of "Jamuni"

A man is led into a prison chapel, there to confess to the murder of the woman he loved. The man is Tom Kent. The woman was Mary Talbot.
Mary once travelled to India, to the ancient pilgrimage town of Natarajapur, on the banks of the Ganges. There she met a man who would embody all her Romantic notions of India.
This man was ‘Sid’, waiting for just such a woman to take him back to ‘Feringhistan’, the modern-day el Dorado that is the West.
And it was back in the West, in London, that Tom, Sid and Mary would be brought together, where Mary would finally learn a truth of tragic consequence, a truth embodied in the very name given her in India: Jamuni, ‘the Purple One’.

Set against the British National Party’s shock electoral victory in East London in 1993, Jamuni is a tragic love story of deceit and self-deception.

"The structure of Jamuni reflects closely novels like Alex Garland's The Beach and Zadie Smith's White Teeth."
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Blue Dune Books features three novels by Nick Tebble. They are available as ebooks or, if you cannot access them as e-books, you can print them. Common to all the fiction is a 'book in the book' in which figures from mythology, philosophy, science and mysticism appear. In Jamuni, for example, you will find Herman Hesse and Prester John.