Blue Dune Books is an online self-publishing venture for the novels of Nick Tebble. Available as ebooks in PDF and Palm Doc format, their common theme is Modern Man in Search of a Soul.


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"Ectopia": an abnormal place or position (OED)

Spanning the twentieth century, this is the story of a divided family and divided minds, a story of migration and exile, of identity and belonging, a story of being 'out of place', in Ectopia.


This is the story of a man who works for a Transnational Corporation. After being posted to one of his company's plants in southwest India, he enters a world in which he gradually comes to question everything he's ever known and believed. It will concern greed, globalisation and the resistance to it.


Blue Dune Books features three novels by Nick Tebble. They are available as ebooks or, if you cannot access them as e-books, you can print them. Common to all the fiction is a 'book in the book' in which figures from mythology, philosophy, science and mysticism appear. In The Song of Psi, for example, you will find Aristotle and Isaac Newton.